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Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Now Available On Steam

by Liana Ruppert

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available on Steam and we don’t mean to alarm you, but this is fanfreakingtastic news. The Old Republic is a BioWare treasure, one of the many games under the studio’s umbrella that truly showcases their talent for weaving an incredible story rife with consequences and rewards. Now that EA has lifted its Origin restrictions, The Old Republic is the latest title to make its way over onto the Steam LIbrary. 

The Old Republic is a Star Wars MMORPG that is now free-to-play and has been hailed for years for its incredible storyline and the ability to create one’s legacy. Players can make impactful choices that absolutely shape the in-game universe with cinematic dialogue and a ton of characters to fall in love with. 

Like Dragon Age and the Mass Effect trilogy, Star Wars: The Old Republic is peak BioWare storytelling and an incredible way to share an experience in a galaxy far, far away with friends. You can play as a Sith, a Jedi – even a Bounty Hunter – and make a story all of your own within this incredible journey. 

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This is one of many EA titles, including first-party exclusives, to make its way over on onto the Steam launcher including finally rounding out the Mass Effect and Dragon Age trilogies as a whole. With Apex Legends on the way and even more titles making the jump, it’s nice to see an effort to condense libraries with so many launchers popping up in recent years. 

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