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Star Wars Lightsabers Could Be Coming to Fortnite, Says New Leak

by Liana Ruppert

Star Wars and Fortnite have already officially crossed over, but it looks like lightsabers may be thrown into the mix as well. For those looking to harness the Force in their quest for Victory Royale, one dataminer found that lightsabers could be a vital part of an upcoming Limited Time Mode. 

We already know that a big Star Wars event is coming to Fortnite on December 14th, but we don’t know how that impacts the game’s balance and in-game weaponry. According to ‘ShiinaBR’, a known Fortnite leaker, an upcoming Star Wars Limited Time Mode will be able to not only look like they’re Force-ready, they’ll also have the tools to actually be Force-ready. 

According to the above leak found within the game’s code, there will be four color options for a weapon code-named “Star Wars Lobster Weapons.” Those four colors will include Purple (Mace!), Red, Green, and the traditional blue.

While this leak is cool – and very probable – it’s important to keep in mind that the team over at Epic Games has yet to confirm the latest datamined find. Until they themselves make the big reveal, take all leaks and rumors with a grain of salt until proven otherwise. 

For now, Fortnite, and it’s latest update, is available to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. 


Liana Ruppert

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