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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Logo Revealed, Official Trailer Drops This Weekend

by Liana Ruppert

With Respawn celebrating their incredible success with Apex Legends, the team is about to have an entirely new way to ride high on those good vibes with an official trailer slated for the Star Wars Celebration going on in Chicago later this week. While we still have a few more days to go before seeing the official reveal, we do have a small teaser with a spankin’ new logo: 

While we don’t have a whole lot to go on regarding the upcoming title quite yet, COO Blake Jorgensen has promised that fans will be “blown away” by what they see during a previous earnings call. He added, “We played twenty-plus minutes of it last week and it is exceptional in terms of its level of polish, depth, and living inside the Star Wars world as a Jedi,” he said. “I think people will be blown away by it.”

As for when we’re getting an actual trailer, the Star Wars Celebration promises our first look this Saturday at 1:30 PM CDT. Until then, all we know about Fallen Order is the new details scrapped together since EA’s press conference during E3 last year. 

We know it will be a single-player third-person action adventure game that is slated for a holiday 2019 release. We know that God of War 3’s director Stig Asmussen will be heading the new title as game director, with Fallout New Vegas’ Chris Avellone helming the story. It will also be much “darker” than fans will be expecting, according to our own sources. 

With Visceral’s Star Wars game scrapped when EA shuttered its doors last year, fans of the beloved franchise are praying for a solid entry into the series. Respawn is on a roll with incredible adventures, including the highly under-appreciated Titanfall 2, so many eyes will be on the big reveal coming this weekend. 


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