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Star Wars Battlefront II Final Content Update Drops Today

by Liana Ruppert

Star Wars Battlefront II has evolved a lot in the past two years, especially so after the initial backlash when certain mechanics were used within the loot box system to make players feel as though they couldn’t win if they couldn’t buy. Luckily, the team took care of that matter very quickly and refocused the game back on track for being an enjoyable Star Wars experience and that’s exactly what EA has done thus far. With so many incredible content drops, the ride is almost over. While the servers and small tweaks will continue, the final Big Drop arrives today and it brings players the Battle on Scarif. 

For those that enjoyed the Rogue One: A Star Wars standalone adventure, the Battle on Scarif DLC is inspired by that but with an original trilogy twist. Players will be able to see the Death Star 2, battle it out on Hoth, and take that butt-kicking to Tattoine once more. “Developing characters, worlds, and experiences set in this amazing galaxy that is Star Wars is an honor, and it has continued to be a remarkable, challenging, and ultimately rewarding journey for the entire team. Knowing that we have a passionate community of millions of players and Star Wars fans – just like ourselves – along on the ride, is the greatest inspiration we could ever have,” creative director Dennis Brännvall mentioned in the studio’s most recent update about the new content.

He added, “Community means even more in times when we need to stay physically apart. This is why we encourage you a bit extra to share your #StayandPlay stories on social media. We hope that Star Wars Battlefront II and the upcoming The Battle on Scarif Update will inspire you to keep playing and sharing.”


The latest, and final, update also brings the Age of Rebellion and Supremacy and Instant Action through high-agency battles on Yavin 4, Tatooine, Hoth, and – of course – Scarif. Additionally, DICE and EA are also allowing for the ability to pilot starfighters on a variety of different Age of Rebellion Supremacy locations. 

For those that love the Heroes and Villains game modes, Scarif and Crait are both being added to that and co-op alongside the MC85 Star Cruiser and the First Order Star Destroyer. 

Don’t like to play with friends? That’s ok! Some solo action is also on the way as well for those that don’t want to miss out on the new additions. Players can go up against AI on all co-op locations, which is a new way to play that is available through Instant Action. 

The team is also adding a few more appearances after massive fan requests! The newest update is adding a total of three new appearances with Rey and her yellow lightsaber, Emperor Palpatine with his updated robes scene in the recent trilogy, and Kylo Ren and his reforged mask. 

You can learn more about the game thanks to the creative director right here through the game’s official blog site. 

As for the game itself, Star Wars Battlefront II is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s also coming soon to Google Stadia thanks to a recently announced partnership with EA to bring more titles over to the paltry library in its current state. 

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