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Star Trek™ The Video Game: Weapon Highlights

by Prima Games Staff

When it comes to surviving intense firefights against the Gorn, you’ll need more than your trusty phaser to come out on top. Fortunately, you have access to a variety of Federation and Gorn weapons, each with a primary and alternate fire function. These weapons hit much harder than the phasers, making them well-suited for lethal encounters. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite weapons, as well as some tips for getting the most out of them.

Star Trek Weapons

Vulcan Pulse Cannon

Vulcan Pulse Cannon
Primary Fire: Full-Auto Fire Pulses

Alternate Fire: Wide-Range Knockdown Stun Burst

This is essentially the Vulcan version of an assault rifle, sporting fully automatic functionality as well as a large magazine capacity. This is the perfect weapon for those close-to-intermediate range engagements where high volumes of fire are a must. Like any automatic weapon, the Vulcan Pulse Cannon exhibits some harsh recoil when firing prolonged bursts. So lay off the trigger, firing short controlled bursts to reduce muzzle climb. The weapon is also capable of non-lethal stun shots through its alternate fire function. This makes it a great weapon to use when engaging a mix of Gorn and infected Federation personnel where non-lethal force is necessary.

Starfleet Phaser Rifle

Federation Rifle

Primary Fire: 3-Round Burst Fire

Alternate Fire: Deflector Shield

After firing the Vulcan Pulse Cannon, this standard-issue Federation rifle feels rather timid by comparison. But its three-round burst makes it much more accurate than its Vulcan counterpart, ideal during intermediate-long range engagements. But the most unique feature of this rifle is its integrated deflector shield, deployed by holding down the alternate fire button. This shield blocks all incoming shots, but consumes ammo while it’s deployed. So use it sparingly, such as when moving from one piece of cover to the next. Or simply charge enemies with the shield deployed, wait for them the reload, then gun them down.

Starfleet Type III Rifle

Federation Sniper Rifle

Primary Fire: High-Powered Single Kill Shot

Alternate Fire: Triple-Kill Shot

Prefer taking out enemies at long range? Then the Starfleet Type III Rifle may be the choice for you. Equipped with a high-magnification scope, this sniper rifle is designed for long range engagements. But in a pinch, the weapon can also be deployed at close range too. Don’t aim through the scope when engaging nearby targets; just use the dot-like aiming reticle on the HUD. The weapon’s primary fire setting shots one high-powered round capable of killing most enemies. The alternate fire function shoots a simultaneous three-round spread. But with only a five-round magazine capacity, this weapon must be reloaded frequently. So take your time and make each shot count.

Gorn Marauder

Gorn Marauder

Primary Fire: Semi-Automatic Spread Fire Shot

Alternate Fire: Knockdown Grenade

What could be better than a shotgun with an attached grenade launcher? That’s exactly what you get from the Marauder, the preferred weapon of the relentless Gorn Enforcer. Once you’ve killed or incapacitated an Enforcer, grab his weapon and give it a whirl. Like any shotgun, the Marauder is most effective at close range where it has a high damage output. Damage is reduced significantly when engaging targets at ranges beyond 10 meters. But that’s where the grenade launcher comes in. While the grenades don’t inflict a ton of damage, they knock enemies off their feet. This buys you the time necessary to rush in and finish them off with the Marauder’s spread shot before they can recover.

Gorn Railer
Gorn Railer
Primary Fire: High-Powered Charge Shot

Alternate Fire: Drone Transport Beacon

Carried exclusively by Gorn Techs, the Railer is one of the most unique weapons available, capable of piercing cover as well as conjure Attack Drones. This isn’t a weapon you want to face in direct combat, so make an effort to kill or eliminate Gorn Techs without being detected. Once you get your hands on a Railer, try it out on enemies hiding behind cover. Hold down the primary fire button to charge a shot, then release the trigger to let loose a narrow, high-powered energy beam, passing through anything. But before lining-up a shot, consider using the secondary fire function to summon an Attack Drone to fight along your side. The Attack Drone can act as a deterrent, drawing fire from you while you line-up your charge shots.

These are just a few of the weapons available in Star Trek™ The Video Game. For more information on weapons, including complete stats and more gameplay tips, check out the Star Trek™ The Video Game: Prima Official eGuide, available now.

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