Star Trek: The Video Game Hits Stores, Gets Launch Trailer

Kirk and Spock take on the Gorn, but can they survive?

It’s time to boldly go back to video games, as Star Trek is making its return to game consoles.

Namco Bandai has launched Star Trek: The Video Game in stores today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  The game ties in events between J.J. Abrams’ original 2009 film and  upcoming sequel Star Trek Into Darkness that hits theaters on May 17th.  It features Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in their roles as Kirk and Spock they face a dangerous enemy from the past – the deadly lizard-like Gorn.

Namco has also launched a trailer that explains more about the story and how the Gorn pose a much bigger threat than we could’ve possibly imagined.  As explained in previous articles, the game supports co-op allowing you to journey through with a friend and clean up the universe together.  We already called Spock.  (It’s the Vulcan neck pinch thing.)

You can get Star Trek now, and be sure to catch our continuous strategic coverage on the game here!

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