This is part one of our walkthrough for Chapter 3: New Vulcan. We'll take you through the chapter the best way including picking up all the collectibles on the way so you don't have to spend time hunting them down at the end! Like this guide preview? Get the full eGuide for Star Trek here.

Collectables Checklist

1 Vulcan Cactus Cluster
2 Vulcan Desert Grass
3 New Vulcan Avian Scavenger
4 Tribble (2 of 7)
5 Vulcan Corpse
6 Unknown Structural Damage
7 Unknown Blood Sample
8 Infected Vulcan
New Objective: Follow T’Mar

Kirk, Spock, and T’Mar beam down several meters outside the research facility. Scotty reports that there was too much interference to transport the away team any closer. At least this gives you a chance to explore the planet’s exterior along with some flora and fauna. Equip your tricorder and prepare to scan a few collectables on your way to the research facility.

1: Vulcan Cactus Cluster

Scan this group of cactus plants on the left side of the path leading to the Vulcan research facility.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Planet/Flora and Fauna

XP: 100

Log Entry: I’m told Vulcan Cacti come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but all of them share an incompatibility with the human digestive system. Not unlike the cuisine of my native Scotland, come to think of it. Better to appreciate Vulcan flora for their aesthetics than their nutritional value.

2: Vulcan Desert Grass

Shortly after scanning the Vulcan Cactus Cluster, turn to the right side of the path and scan this clump of grass.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Planet/Flora and Fauna

XP: 100

Log Entry: It’s grass. Vulcan grass. Grass from Vulcan. What do you want me to say? I’m an engineer, not a botanist. Touch it if you want, make a hat out of it, I don’t care. Can I get on with my work now?

3: New Vulcan Avian Scavenger

As you near the research facility, look up and scan this birdlike creature sitting on the roof.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Planet/Flora and Fauna

XP: 100

Log Entry: One of the wonderful things about serving in Starfleet is discovering new alien species, like this little fellow from New Vulcan. And by wonderful I mean “let Spock and his blue shirts worry about it,” because I didn’t sign up to go poking things that will most likely poke me back, puncture my skin, and infect me with some horrible xeno-flu. The effects of which on my body Spock will no doubt be delighted to study.

New Objective: Hack the door with your partner

Now that you’ve scanned nearly everything in sight, turn you attention to gaining entry into the research facility. T’Mar is uncertain why the highest security protocols have been enabled on this door. You’ll need to work together with your buddy to hack it. Start targeting one of the two yellow panels on the sides of the circular door. A new hacking interface appears on-screen, prompting you to tune two different signals until they match. Manipulate the tuning dials until the waves are in sync to complete the hack and earn 100 additional XP.

Security Station

New Objective: Find Surok

Just beyond the door is an abandoned security station. Kirk suggests that T’Mar stay behind and monitor the systems while he and Spock search for Surok. T’Mar is resistant to the idea at first, but Spock convinces her that her assistance will be vital if he and Kirk encounter any trouble. Kirk promises she’ll be the first to know when they find her father. T’Mar agrees to stay behind and man the security station; she stays in constant contact with Kirk and Spock as they advance through the facility.

4: Tribble (2 of 7)

Immediately after exiting the security station, turn to your left and look for this Tribble sitting on a ledge outside.

Type: Research Data

Set: Tribbles/Tribbles

XP: 250

Log Entry: I had no problems with the Tribble on Delta Vega. It just sat on my desk and made little cooing noises, and given that my only other companion was a tiny, ill-tempered Roylan who barely said a word, I considered my decision to adopt a Tribble a wise one. It didn’t eat much, it purred when I pet it, and it didn’t judge me for that incident with the Admiral’s beagle. All in all, an ideal pet.

Step out of the security station and out onto a disabled bridge. It appears this drawbridge-like path is another security feature intended to keep unwanted visitors out of the research facility. By sprinting, it’s possible to jump to the other side. Instead, use your tricorder to target the console on the distant span of the bridge. By activating the console with your tricorder, the bridge extends, allowing you to cross and enter the facility through the adjoining doorway.

5: Vulcan Corpse

Immediately after entering the doorway, scan the dead Vulcan on the floor.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Planet/An Unknown Threat

XP: 100

Log Entry: Poor bastard. I don’t know a lot about Vulcans, but I know that they’re tougher than humans by no small degree. If something was horrible enough to do this to a Vulcan … I shudder to think what it would do to me.…

6: Unknown Structural Damage

After scanning the dead Vulcan, scan the scratches in the wall on the right side of the corridor.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Planet/An Unknown Threat

XP: 100

Log Entry: Deep, rending gashes of unknown origin in the side of otherwise solid colony walls? I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. This is why I don’t go on away teams.

Seeing the damage firsthand, Kirk feels a second away team may be necessary. However, communication with the Enterprise is garbled. Scotty suggests moving to a new location. While advancing along the path, Kirk and Spock encounter more dead Vulcans. Suddenly, a shadow is cast across a wall briefly. Someone, or something, is moving around in here.…

7: Unknown Blood Sample

Shortly after witnessing the startling shadow, turn to the left side of the path and scan this dried pool of blood.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Planet/An Unknown Threat

XP: 100

Log Entry: Blood of unknown origin splattered on the wall. Lovely. They don’t teach you about this at the Academy. Particularly not in the engineering lectures. No, I can safely say alien blood splatters were not part of the curriculum. An egregious hole in my otherwise comprehensive education. You’ll forgive me if I choose to remain ignorant on the subject.

Just ahead, a Vulcan scientist with glowing yellow eyes comes charging at you from a Turbolift. It’s unclear what’s wrong with him, but that metal pipe in his hand suggest his intentions are less than friendly. Immediately raise your phaser and press the secondary fire button to stun the charging Vulcan. One hit with a stun shot causes the Vulcan to temporarily stand in place—immediately charge forward and perform a non-lethal takedown before he recovers. As soon as you’re within range of the stunned Vulcan, the takedown button appears on the screen. Tap the button once to render the Vulcan unconscious. Stunning enemies and performing takedowns is the preferred method for preserving life, especially when dealing with an endangered species such as Vulcans.

8: Infected Vulcan

Once the enraged Vulcan has been subdued, scan his body to reveal more information about his ailment.

Type: Research Data

Set: Enemies/Federation Enemies

XP: 100

Log Entry: It’s not enough for this force to mortally wound their enemies. They have to turn them against their own kind. Yet another reason to make sure that it stays as far away from our corner of the universe as possible.


By now you should have enough XP available for an upgrade. Open the Upgrade Menu and select from a variety of upgrades for your tricorder and sidearm. Each upgrade costs a different amount of XP, so choose your upgrade carefully.

After disabling and scanning the infected Vulcan, step into the nearby Turbolift and interact with the control panel. Wait for your buddy to catch up then wait for the Turbolift to transport you to the Vulcan labs.

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