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Star Trek™ The Video Game – Guide Preview – New Vulcan – Vulcan Escape

by Prima Games Staff

This is the final part of our free eGuide preview for Star Trek: The Video Game. If you’ve enjoyed this guide and made a start at finding all those collectibles or hunting all those trophies/achievements, then check out Prima’s full guide for Star Trek.

Collectables Checklist

# Name
28 Surok’s Audio Log #5
29 Sh’Tok Memorial
30 T’Par Memorial

28: Surok’s Audio Log #5

Immediately after exiting the Turbolift, turn to the left and scan the audio log in the hand of the dead Vulcan laying on the orange vehicle.

Type: Audio Log

Set: Vulcan Escape/Logs

XP: 50

Log Entry: This is Surok of Vulcan. It does not surprise me that the Helios Device has attracted the attention of Starfleet. In the wrong hands, a device that can harness the power of stars to reshape the geology of a planet could be used as a doomsday weapon. Fortunately, it is a Vulcan creation and as such is used only according to the rules of logic. To abuse the power of Helios would be against all the principles upon which Vulcan civilization was founded—the same principles we seek to preserve in this new Vulcan colony. As beneficial as Helios is to our people, I am grateful there is only one such device in existence. To replicate it would be to invite its use by less … responsible parties. To replicate it, would court disaster.

After scanning the audio log, turn to the right and take cover behind one of the crates. A Gorn ship appears in the distance, dispatching several Gorn Initiates to hunt you down. Hold your ground and engage the enemies one at a time—just make sure none of them flank your position. The Gorn Initiates are easy to dispatch using any of the weapons you’ve encountered thus far. But the Starfleet Type III Rifle ensures a one-hit kill.

Once you’ve eliminated all the Gorn Initiates, the Gorn Lieutenant carrying the Helios Device boards the nearby ship. Kirk and Spock follow closely behind, leaping aboard the vessel. But Kirk’s jump falls just short of the ship’s deck, and he reactively clings to the ledge. Spock tries to help, but is restrained by a Gorn Initiate. If you are playing as Spock, press the button shown on-screen to kick a phaser to Kirk so he can shoot the Gorn Initiate. If you are playing as Kirk, you must make the shot with the phaser. Be careful not to hit Spock.

Once you’re both on the deck of the Gorn ship, watch out for more Gorn Initiates positioned on the superstructure ahead. Take cover behind one of the crates on the deck and return fire with the weapon of your choice. But be ready to shift to a new covered position as a second ship appears on the right. Take cover behind the crates on the left side of the ship to deal with these new arrivals. If you haven’t used them yet, now is a good time to use those Stun Grenades, while the Gorn Initiates are bunched up in tight group. Stunning them makes them easier to pick off, one by one. After eliminating the latest group of enemies, the nearby ship targets you with its main weapon. Spock manages to push Kirk out of the way just in time, and they both avoid the brunt of the resulting explosion. However, the targeted Gorn ship is heavily damaged and it falls out of the sky and crashes into one of the colony’s main structures.

Great Hall

Kirk finds himself on the floor of the Great Hall, but he can’t move—his leg is broken. If you’re playing as Kirk during this sequence, you can crawl about on the floor at a slow speed. But turn most of your attention to the Gorn Initiates attacking from the perimeter walkway and nearby doorway. Armed only with a phaser, you must make each shot count. Consider stunning your targets first, then follow up with lethal shots to put them down. If you’re playing as Spock, you must reach Kirk before he’s overrun by the Gorn Initiates. Spock starts on the upper level of the Great Hall and is armed with his phaser as well as a Vulcan Pulse Cannon. Use the Vulcan Pulse Cannon to target the enemies around Kirk’s position. Use cover during the advance and use the nearby Energy Stations to replenish ammo as necessary during this firefight.

New Objective: Heal Kirk

Once Spock reaches Kirk, the two must travel to a nearby medical facility, which is marked on the HUD with a waypoint marker. During this sequence, Spock helps Kirk walk while Kirk operates his phaser. As the two hobble toward the waypoint, more Gorn Initiates emerge from the medical facility. Attack aggressively with Kirk’s phaser, gunning down the enemies as they come into view. Don’t bother stopping or taking cover. You can handle the Gorn Initiates while pressing forward.


Get Kirk onto the gurney in the center of the medbay. This is another sequence which requires teamwork. Kirk must hold off the attacking Gorn Initiates that are emerging through the nearby door, while Spock operates on Kirk’s leg. If you’re playing as Kirk, keep your phaser pointed at the doorway and blast anything that moves. However, fire at a slow and steady pace to prevent your weapon from overheating. Meanwhile, Spock must repair the tissue in Kirk’s leg. Follow the on-screen directions to target the fractures in Kirk’s leg, essentially erasing the red marks with the reticle while holding down the fire button. Once all of the fractures are healed, work together to finish off the remaining enemies in the medbay. Kirk may want to equip himself with one of the dropped Ravagers. It’s time to find a way outside—T’Mar reports that she is heading to your location, despite Kirk’s protests.

New Objective: Escape the Science Center

Exit the medbay and return to the Great Hall. But be ready to take cover—several Gorn Initiates occupy the far side of the room, waiting to ambush you. There’s no need to rush. Stay behind cover and engage the enemies one at a time. Don’t forget to use your tricorder to spot the enemies hiding behind cover. Once the room is clear, take a quick time out to scan a couple of items in the center of the room.

29: Sh’Tok Memorial

Scan this plaque in the middle of the room to learn more about a renowned Vulcan scientist.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Escape/Vulcan Remembrance

XP: 100

Log Entry: This monument is dedicated to the memory of Vulcan scientist Sh’Tok, last acting administrator of the Vulcan Science Academy prior to the destruction of the Vulcan homeworld.

30: T’Par Memorial

Scan the rock-like sculpture above the Sh’Tok Memorial to add another entry to your collection.

Type: Research Data

Set: Vulcan Escape/Vulcan Remembrance

XP: 100

Log Entry: This sculpture is dedicated to the memory of Vulcan scientist T’Par, Chief Scientist of the Vulcan High Council prior to his death during the destruction of the Vulcan homeworld.

New Objective: Survive the Gorn Reinforcements

Work together with your partner to pry open the door at the far end of the Great Hall. T’Mar is waiting on the other side, reporting that the Gorn have completely infested the colony. Before exiting this chamber, replenish you ammo by interacting the Energy Station on the left side. Beyond the next door another Gorn ambush awaits. Rush outside and take cover, exchanging fire with the numerous Gorn Initiates on the landing pad below. Limit your exposure by blind firing, using the dot reticle to aim over your cover. This allows you to take quick shots from behind cover and reduces your chances of getting hit. But even after eliminating the first wave of enemies, Scotty can’t achieve a transporter lock. Kirk orders Scotty to fire torpedoes at the next wave of enemies—but he’ll need some targeting assistance to score a direct hit.

New Objective: Call down an orbital strike using your tricorder

While still behind cover, activate your tricorder and target the red waypoint marker ahead, holding down the fire button to initiate the torpedo barrage. Once the lock is achieved, the Enterprise unleashes a salvo of torpedoes from orbit. Within seconds, the familiar blue streaks appear over head and slam into the target area, killing all the Gorn Initiates. But the fight isn’t over yet.

Soon after the torpedo strike, a new wave of Gorn Initiates approach from the Great Hall. Find some new cover fast to avoid be flanked and return fire. You don’t have to eliminate every single enemy during the sequence. So find a good hiding spot and hold the enemies at bay until Scotty reports that the interference is clearing up—T’Mar feels this is due to the Gorn escaping with the Helios Device. Stay put until Scotty can beam all three of you back to the Enterprise.

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