Star Trek™ The Video Game – Guide Preview – New Vulcan – Collectibles and Chapter Summary

Find all the hidden collectibles throughout the game and get to know the story behind this chapter in Star Trek: The Video Game.

In this preview of our eGuide for Star Trek: The Video Game we will guide you through Chapter 3: New Vulcan. This preview of the full guide includes a list of the trophies attainable throughout the chapter and how to get each one, maps for each section, a collectibles guide and the walkthough to get you throuh unscathed. Buy the full eGuide for the complete access to our Star Trek guide.

Chapter Summary

Kirk, Spock, and T’Mar beam down to New Vulcan. They discover signs of conflict, but are able to establish communication with the last remaining survivors. In the darkest and most confined of places they encounter a violent alien species…

New Vulcan Collectables

# Name
1 Vulcan Cactus Cluster
2 Vulcan Desert Grass
3 New Vulcan Avian Scavenger
4 Tribble (2 of 7)
5 Vulcan Corpse
6 Unknown Structural Damage
7 Unknown Blood Sample
8 Infected Vulcan
9 Helios Device (1 of 3)
10 Helios Device (2 of 3)
11 Helios Device (3 of 3)
12 T’Mar’s Audio Log #3
13 Surok’s Audio Log #2
14 Vulcan Pulse Cannon
15 Surok’s Audio Log #3
16 Gorn Brute
17 T’Mar’s Audio Log #4
18 Gorn Initiate
19 Gorn Ravager
20 Starfleet Type III Rifle
21 Stun Grenade
22 Unknown Breaching Tool
23 Unknown Assault Equipment
24 T’Mar’s Audio Log #5
25 Unknown Hacking Tool
26 Surok’s Audio Log #4
27 T’Mar’s Audio Log #6
28 Surok’s Audio Log #5
29 Sh’Tok Memorial
30 T’Par Memorial

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