Live long and prosper – but if you get in Kirk and Spock's way, prepare to get vaporized.

Namco Bandai announced today that they will be releasing their licensed Star Trek: The Video Game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in time for the release of the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie.  The game, which features playable Kirk and Spock characters (with actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto voicing their characters from the film, naturally), will support two-player co-op, as well as feature weapons and scenarios similar in nature to those from the J.J. Abrams films.  It'll also have full 3D support, which we were able to sample earlier this year at E3.  Very nice.

Namco has also announced some pre-order bonuses for the game, including the exclusive Elite Officer pack, which comes with new uniforms for Kirk and Spock, as well as a variety of weapons, such as the Academy Phaser and the Kelvin Phaser.

The game hits stores on April 23, 2012.  We'll have an in-depth preview for you soon.  In the meantime…you've watched the latest Into Darkness trailer, right?  Included here for your viewing pleasure.