Kirk or Spock? It’s not an easy choice. But don’t worry, no matter which legendary character you choose, you won’t be going into battle alone. Whether playing with a friend or not, both characters are present in the game at all times—the character you’re not playing is controlled by AI. But playing with a friend is much more rewarding, allowing you to take the fight to the Gorn while utilizing a variety of team-oriented tactics. Here are a few examples of where you can leverage the power of teamwork to get the upper hand.

Star Trek Co-Op 1

• Work together to stun and incapacitate enemies. While one partner holds back and stuns
targets with his phaser, the other partner should rush forward and perform melee takedowns on the stunned enemies before they can recover. The partner charged with stunning enemies should consider installing the Cooling System/Heat Diffuser upgrade for the phaser to allow for quicker follow-up stun shots without overheating. Furthermore, taking down an enemy your partner has stunned earns you the Go Team! achievement/trophy!

Star Trek Co-Op 2

Diversify your weapons to have a mix of close and long range coverage. For example, while
one partner carries a Starfleet Type III Rifle or Gorn Striker, the other should carry a Vulcan Pulse Cannon or Gorn Marauder. This gives your team excellent offensive performance at any range.

• During boss fights, lure enemies into chasing you while your partner holds back and focuses
on attacking. As the boss shifts focus to your partner, reverse roles: You attack the enemy
while your partner evades attacks.

• When fighting enemies who utilize cover, such as the Gorn Initiate or Gorn Warrior, pin them down with heavy fire while your partner flanks, preferably with a close range weapon like the Marauder.

Star Trek Co-Op 3

• Before grabbing a weapon from the floor, take inventory and ensure that your partner has an effective weapon. When you pick up the new weapon, you drop your previous weapon, and your partner can retrieve it from the ground.

• If you are playing the game solo, order your AI-controlled teammate to pick up different weapons to diversify your team’s loadout. You can also purchase and install upgrades for your partner’s phaser, thereby significantly improving his performance during firefights.

Star Trek Co-Op 2

• If your partner is injured and in a downed state, take extra care to stay healthy and on your feet. If your health is depleted and you enter a downed state too, there’s no way for the two of you to revive each other. You are forced to restart from the previous save checkpoint.

These are just a few examples where co-op tactics come in handy. For more co-operative gameplay tips, including a complete step-by-step walkthrough of the entire campaign, check out the Star Trek™ The Video Game: Prima Official eGuide, available now.