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Star Ocean The Divine Force Announced for 2022

by Lucas White

A new entry in Square Enix and Tri-Ace’s Star Ocean series is set to arrive next year. A new mainline title in the series, Star Ocean The Divine Force brings its combination of sci-fi, fantasy and action RPG to the PlayStation 5 (and 4) in 2022. A trailer was released to reveal the game during today’s PlayStation State of Play.

While The Divine Force’s story should feel familiar to Star Ocean veterans, the gameplay shown so far won’t. It looks like Star Ocean is opting for a more open world-style setup, with the footage showing one of the main characters flying around a massive, open space.

A PlayStation Blog post following the reveal goes into more detail, claiming that The Divine Force will be “the Star Ocean game with the fastest and mightiest action in the series.” Frankly I just wanted to include that here because you don’t see “mightiest” very often.

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Not only are we looking at a more open game in terms of geography, the blog post also notes that the game’s story can change based on decisions made by the player. I won’t go into it here for the sake of spoiler sensitivity but if you want a much more detailed introduction to the latest Star Ocean story, the blog post really dives in.

We haven’t seen much of Star Ocean lately, since the last mainline entry wasn’t so well-received. The following mobile game didn’t last long either, but we did see a new port of the old PSP Star Ocean remake hit the PS4 and Switch a couple years ago.

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