In the past hour or so, Chris Roberts’ recently revealed space sim Star Citizen passed its target of $2 million.

Roberts initially intended to raise money to help create the project (and attract further investors) via his own site, Roberts Space Industries, but the servers couldn’t hack the attention. Thus, a move to Kickstarter was decided upon, and with it came serious success.

With 25 days still to go, the Kickstarter pledge has reached $588, 920 at the time of writing. When you add the $1,420,155 already donated over at Roberts Space Industries that’s $2,009,075. Not a bad figure if you ask us.

Star Citizen will encompass a hefty single-player and co-op story experience while also providing a much larger massively multiplayer playground for gamers to interact in. It’s a spiritual successor to Roberts’ previous, much-adored titles such as Freelancer and Wing Commander. It’s very much a PC game and looks beautiful, check out our previous post for a little more detail and a gorgeous trailer.