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Square Enix Says That Sharp Growth Is Expected Immediately Following E3 2019

by Liana Ruppert

Square Enix has already teased that their upcoming Avengers game will be making its grand debut during E3 with more than just a simple teaser trailer. They’ve also got the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake coming down the pipeline as well. With such an exciting showcase ahead, it looks like releases could be sooner than we thought because the company is expecting a “sharp growth” financially immediately after the showcase. 

“When you see the lineup we will be unveiling at e3, I believe that you will understand why we now expect a sharp growth curve between fy2020/3 and fy2021/3 rather than the gradual curve that we had originally anticipated,” mentioned the company in a recent financial debriefing ahead of E3. “In addition to our major titles, we also have fy2020/3 releases planned for some unique and promising games, including some for smartphones. As such, we hope that our earnings will overshoot our initial targets for sales of ¥270 billion and operating income of ¥24 billion.”

Between the confirmed Final Fantasy VII and Avengers, and the recently teased Outriders, it looks like Square is going all in on this year’s showcase, something that fans will be excited to see given last year’s less than thrilling stage time. As a huge fan of this particular publisher, I can’t wait to see our first official look at Marvel’s Avengers, and I definitely wouldn’t say no to seeing my beloved Sephiroth once more (that hair!). 

Time will tell, because E3 officially kicks off this weekend! 

Liana Ruppert

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