Okay, what? I cannot believe I am about to type these words. I am in absolute shock. Square Enix has really been dipping into the well more and more lately, broadening its IP revival net. And now, we have one of the weirdest buckets yet. Chocobo Racing, a long-forgotten PlayStation spinoff, is back, as Chocobo GP.

But that’s only part of it. An Actraiser remake, something I dare anyone to claim they expected, is here. Like, today. And speaking of today, you can snag a demo of Voice of Cards as well.

Square Enix Announces Upcoming Switch Games and Shadowdrops Actraiser Renaissance

Busy time for Square Enix, that much is certain. Chocobo GP appears to be a totally new game, rather than a remake of Chocobo Racing. It supports up to 8 players in a race, as well as an up to 64-player tournament mode.

Various characters from the Final Fantasy Fables series look to be playable, along with weirdos like Gilgamesh. A 2022 release window is in place.

Actraiser Renaissance is a full remake of one of Square Enix’s lowest key SNES cult classics. And it’s up on the eShop right now for $29.99.

While the visuals are all souped up and HD-ified, players will be able to choose between Yuzo Koshiro’s original soundtrack or a set of new arrangements (also by Koshiro). 15 new music tracks have also been composed just for this release.

Finally, Square Enix confirmed release dates for Triangle Strategy and Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars. The former, which has a list of improvements based on the previous demo’s feedback survey, is set for a March 4 release.

Voice of Cards, a new game under Yoko Taro’s creative leadership, is set to arrive on October 28. A demo is available today, though!

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Whew, Square Enix is always around to shake us up. What do our readers think of all these announcements? Excited for any game in particular? Let us know down in the comments or hit us up on Prima Games’ Facebook and Twitter feeds!