Unless 2K Sports unleashes NBA 2K15 at E3 2014, it appears that EA Sports is the only publisher showcasing a basketball game at the big show. Despite NBA Live 14 receiving a lukewarm reception last year, the company is back with the 2015 installment, and although we've yet to get our hands on it, this promising screenshot suggests that the graphics will look amazing.

Say what you will about the Pacers' Paul George, but the other five players are spot on accurate. Just look at San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker. You can't get more accurate than that. How about the Celtics' Rajon Rondo? The amount of detail is incredible.

Granted, the game has a long way to go until release, but if NBA Live 15 plays as good as it looks, hoop fans will have much to look forward to by the time the 2014-2015 season tips off.