You just can’t keep a good sports franchise down.  While Sony’s Sports Champions wasn’t as well received as, say, Kinect Sports, it still developed a big fan base and, in turn, sold a few PlayStation Moves in the process.  Now Sony is doing the smart thing and moving forward with another entry in the series.

The company has announced Sports Champions 2, a game that will, once again, be PlayStation Move compatible as you take part in a number of events, including skiing, boxing, tennis, golf and bowling.  A new archery game will also be included, with an updated experience so that it feels a little more natural.

In addition, the game will support the use of Avatars and settings for multiple players, will get rid of the annoying calibration system, and will also have an updated photo booth, so you can take pictures of yourself in action.  A new Party Play mode will also be introduced, where you can mix and match sports activities and draw pictures on the loser.  Hey, don’t draw a mustache on your mother!

Look for Sports Champions 2 later this year.