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Splitgate to Remain In Open Beta For the “Foreseeable Future” As It Addresses Servers & More

by Jesse Vitelli

This morning developer 1047 announced that Splitgate will stay in open beta “for the foreseeable future”. Originally planned to release this month that game was pushed to come out of beta in September.

Splitgate to Remain In Open Beta For the “Foreseeable Future” As It Addresses Servers & More

For those unaware, Splitgate is an online multiplayer arena shooter that combines gunfights with portals to create some truly wild moments. 

Following server instability and some other issues, the team at 1047 has had quite a ride the past few weeks. After seeing Splitgate rise from 4,000 players to over 175,000 in just a few weeks, it became clear that more servers and maintenance would be needed to keep the game stable. 

1047 has reduced player wait times to queue into Splitgate and even received rounds of funding earlier this month. 

Ian Proulx, CEO, and co-founder of 1047 Games had this to say in a release given to the press.

“In looking at the issues facing the scalability of the game’s backend, the process includes far more than simply dealing with server capacity. We are focused on keeping the game stable for fans, and iterating on the game’s concurrent capacity in order to minimize player wait times. We want to do this the right way, and we want to be prepared for massive scale when we officially launch, all the while continuing to improve the beta with frequent updates, additional features, and improvements to server capacity.”

Of course, Splitgate will still be adding content to the game and building upon the success it has already seen. However, this comes at the cost of holding off the official launch of the game until everything is just right. 

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