A Splinter Cell Anime Is Reportedly In the Works at Netflix

When we said we wanted more Splinter Cell, this isn't what we meant ...

Despite numerous teasers making it look like a new Splinter Cell game was on the way, new reports surfaced this month about the maltreatment of the franchise and the perceived teases and what that does to both fans and interest in the series at large. While we may not be getting a new game anytime soon, it looks like Netflix is working on a Splinter Cell anime; at least according to a new report. 

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The Splinter Cell anime report comes by way of Variety stating that the new series will be written by John Wick co-creator Derek Kolstad. This is the same person that is handling the TV version of My Friend Pedro as well as the Hitman series, so at least he’s got that gaming jump going in. 

According to Variety, the Splinter Cell anime is greenlit for 16 episodes spanning across two seasons based on the Ubisoft staple that fans love. Splinter Cell is a stealth game beloved by many and Sam Fisher is a character that the entire fanbase has been longing to see. He’s made his grand reappearance in a plethora of mashup projects, including a crossover into another Ghost Recon franchise with Wildlands, but no official new Fisher-driven game at this time. 

There have been leaks from retailers, teasers from the studio, and numerous rumors spanning the past few years that new Splinter Cell game would be announced, but alas – nothing official at this time. 

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Back in January, the original Splinter Cell creative director returned to Ubisoft, which spurred on even more rumors about a possible revival. That being said, if this anime is in the works then the Ubisoft team would be included with creative consulting, so that could be a huge driver behind his return. That, and Sam Fisher’s inclusion in other games, including other Ubisoft titles, could also mark that as well. 

Or, who knows, maybe a new Splinter Cell game is still underway and the anime will prelude that? It’s a guessing game at this point considering Ubisoft refuses to comment officially. 

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