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Splatoon Weapons Guide

Whether you enjoy using a Shooter, Charger or Roller, you'll spread ink like a pro in Nintendo's multiplayer game.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Splatoon is available for the Wii U and has something for hardcore multiplayer fans and newcomers looking to blow off some steam. Whether you tackle the innovative single player campaign or wish to get the most from multiplayer match-ups, Nintendo’s newest game will keep you enthralled for hours, thanks to several features.

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This includes weapons. There are a plethora of ink-splattering options to choose from, spread across a variety of categories. If you have trouble deciding which weapon suits your play style, we broke them down by type and effectiveness.

Shooter – Your General Paint Rifle

If you prefer to make a mess from close-range but want multi-fire capability, the Shooter Class is ideal. You begin with the Splattershot, a routine paint rifle, but as you reach level four and accumulate a great deal of Power Eggs between match-ups, you’ll be able to visit the shop and upgrade to some new models.

Visit Sheldon’s shop, Ammo Knights, in Inkopolis, where you’ll be able to purchase the following:

Splattershot Pro and Tentatek Splattershot: These guns increase the power, range and rate of fire over your original Splattershot. Where the Pro comes with the traditional Splat Bomb and Inkstrike (a powerful attack from above), the Tentaken comes with the Suction Bomb that draws enemies close before blowing up and an Inkzooka that packs a powerful line-based punch for several shots. You’ll want to experiment with both in the shop to see what works best for you.

Aerospray MG and Aerospray RG: While these have a slower firing rate than the Splattershot weapons, they cover a larger amount of the area in ink, so those who prefer a greater firing range should give these a shot. Again, the main difference between the two is the loadout, as the MG comes with the Seeker that activates a homing device to track down enemies and the Inkzooka, while the RG has the effective Ink Mine that explodes on contact and the Inkstrike.

Jet Squelcher: Like the Aerospray, the Squelcher can cover a great deal of distance, but probably has the lowest firing rate when it comes to general Shooters. Still, for those who prefer precision, it does the job. This item comes with the Splash Wall and the Inkstrike.

Blaster and Rapid Blaster: The Blasters are the equivalent of shotguns in the game, as they fire slow timed bursts compared to rapid fire. However, they effectively cover an area in paint with each shot, as well as take out Inklings within range. For those who prefer power, this is a strong weapon to go with. The Blaster comes with the Disruptor that lowers the abilities of your rivals for a few seconds and the Killer Wall that creates sound waves to destroy enemies of a different color through objects, while the Rapid Blaster includes the Ink Mine and Bubbler.

.52 Gal and .96 Gal: Both the .52 and .96 are impressive in battle because they cover the ground with a great deal of ink with each shot. They can take a little while to refill, but the payoff is worth it, especially if you’re trying to bombard a group of Inklings at once. The .52 comes equipped with the Splash Wall and Inkstrike, while the .96 includes the Sprinkler and Echolocator (which lets you track enemies for a limited time through on-screen icons).

N-Zap ’85: Inspired by the Zapper that came with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the N-Zap is a retro-based weapon that doesn’t have much in the way of power, but comes with rapid-fire capability that covers quite a bit of ground. That also means less reloading so you can continue shooting as you defend your team’s space. It comes with the Splat Bombs and the Echolocator.

Charger – Taking Longer To Fire, But Worth It


Standard Charger guns in Splatoon take a bit longer to fire, but they provide greater precision than most weapons in the game, and allow you to “splat” enemies from a distance. Here are the guns you’ll be able to choose from when visiting Ammo Knights.

E-Liter 3K: One of the first Charger weapons you’ll come across in Splatoon, the E-Liter is an ideal place to start. It has a low firing rate, but allows you to aim at a distance, so you can pick off targets on higher platforms, or enemies that may be too risky to try and take out up close (like those with Rollers, for instance).

Classic Squiffer: Another good long-range rifle, the Squiffer makes it easy to spread paint across a distance and pick off foes being a nuisance. It’s paired with the Splat Bomb and the Bubbler (which provides temporary shielding), so you’ll make fine use of it.

Splat Charger: Unlike other guns, you can actually charge up your shots with the Splat Charger. The more you hold down the firing button, the longer its range will be – you can even pick off a target from a good distance on the map if you’re charged up enough. You can also cover sufficient space with paint through a well-timed shot. In addition, you’ll have access to the Splat Bomb and Bomb Rush (unleashing multiple Splat Bombs on enemies at once), so find a good camping spot and fire!

Splatterscope: For those who demand accuracy above everything else, the Splatterscope is your best bet. Even though it performs like a typical Splat Charger, it comes with a scope attachment, letting you put an enemy in your sights before you fire. It limits your vision, but the payoff is certainly worth it. This weapon comes with the Splat Bomb and the Bomb Rush, similar to the Splat Charger.

Rollers – Just Keep On Rollin’


This lets you cover a great deal of ground by spreading paint, while at the same time mowing down unfortunate opponents who get in your path. Although it does nothing for long range attacks, you can “splat” your weapon to create a splash guard to hit enemies long enough to disorient them for a second, so you can send them packing with a roll-over.

There aren’t too many Roller weapons in the game, but here are the ones you can buy.

Splat Roller and Krak-On Splat Roller: This is your basic Roller, letting you cover a significant amount of ground when you first start on the map. It can take a bit longer to reload than more advanced rollers, but it’s a nice way to get used to this class. Plus, its splash back ability is pretty good, covering a decent amount of range. For secondary weapons, it comes with the Suction Bomb and Killer Wall, while the Krak-On edition has the Kraken (which turns you into a large squid covering major ground and defeating enemies that come at you) and the Squid Beacon (which enables a teammate to jump immediately to your location).

Dynamo Roller: If you want to upgrade your Roller weapon to a new level, the Dynamo is ideal. It’s slower but covers a larger area with paint, so the payoff is certainly worth it. It also takes a bit longer to load but you can literally paint the town red (or green, blue, etc.) and give your teammates the advantage in the final minute. It comes with the Sprinkler (a temporary paint spreader) and the enemy-tracking Echolocator.

Inkbrush: This hasn’t been introduced to the game yet, but the Inkbrush works as a miniature version of the typical Roller, covering less space with paint while at the same time increasing your speed. It also lets you splatter ink like a charged shot. It will come with the Sprinkler and the Inkstrike.

Now get out there and make a mess!

Now we’ll tell you how to unlock all of these weapons and find all 29 Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon.

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