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Spider-Man & Discordant Sound Raid For Marvel’s Avengers Coming November 30

by Jesse Vitelli

Back when Marvel’s Avengers was first announced, we quickly learned that Spider-Man would be coming to the game as a PlayStation exclusive. Over a year later, we finally get a date for the arrival of the web-slinging hero.

Spider-Man & Discordant Sound Raid For Marvel’s Avengers Coming November 30

Today, Crystal Dynamics outlined a date for the remaining content in the 2021 roadmap. Spider-Man and the remaining content will be available on November 30. 

Spider-Man will feature a new Hero event titled “With Great Power” that will introduce Spider-Man to The Avengers had to have them team up to take down AIM’S new plan to acquire technology that could make its Synthoid army unstoppable.

We haven’t yet seen an in-game render or even screenshot of Spider-Man but hopefully, that will be coming shortly. 

As far as other content coming to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30, the first-ever raid “Discordant Sound”. The raid will take a four-player squad and pit them against Klaw at the Vibranium Mound. It’s the hardest content in Marvel’s Avengers. 

Here are some other improvements coming to the game according to the Square Enix Blog Post.

  • Power-Level Increase – The maximum Power Level achievable will increase from 150 to 175. Want the best gear? Then you’ll have to complete the game’s toughest challenge. The new four-player Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound is waiting for you.
  • Gear Upgrading – You will be able to recycle gear of a higher power level to upgrade your current gear to match the higher-power level of the consumed item (with a few exceptions).
  • Shipments – We’ve heard your requests for a path to earn coveted Cosmetics, resources, and other items via gameplay, as well as a place to use your plentiful Units. Enter the Shipments feature! Each Shipment costs 500 Units (the currency earned while playing the game) and pulls from a collection of possible items, but you can see what is in the current Shipment before you buy it with Units. There is a small chance of the Shipment containing a premium Outfit unavailable via any other means of acquisition. But luck isn’t required to get the Outfit—you’ll automatically receive it after claiming 100 Shipments. We’ll talk more about Shipments in the coming weeks.
  • Per-Hero Weekly Objectives – Starting with the Seeking the Super Adaptoid Mission Chain and the Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound, you can farm the weekly rewards once a week for each eligible Hero, rather than for only one Hero per week. We’re actively exploring expanding this Hero-Bound system to other current and future activities as well. Happy gear hunting!”

That’s a lot of content for players to sink their teeth in. Marvel’s Avengers has recently had some issues introducing microtransactions into the game, and then swiftly removing them after negative feedback.

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