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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Familiar Spotlight – Sparkee

by Prima Games Staff


A strange creature found in a strange place, Sparkee can first be found while exploring Mummy’s Tummy on Teeheeti Island. Despite the focus on storm elemental tricks, Sparkee is an Aquatica family familiar and a fine upgrade to the basic casters you can find in the earliest parts of your adventures. Sparkee’s magic attack is great, as it ranks among the highest before the post clear content. It’s also no slouch on defensive abilities either. Sparkee’s defense is respectable and it comes with the Defend command. Just in case that wasn’t enough, it also has a 50% resistance to both water and storm with no elemental weaknesses!

Proper Care and Feeding

Magic Attack +20
Defense +15
Magic Defense +15

Sparkee is built very well for a caster role even without bonus points, so you have quite a bit of flexibility overall. This suggested spread is meant to give Sparkee just a little bit of a boost in defenses, which never really hurts while adding even more punch to its already powerful elemental tricks. Depending on where you place it in your party and how comfortable you are with your reaction time for All Out Defense and Attack commands, you may want to drop the magic attack points into the defenses or even just put all 50 points into magic attack.


Sparkee’s first metamorphosis into Wattee makes the already powerful caster even better. In this form it will learn a water elemental trick and can digest certain water gems to add even more flexibility to an otherwise one-dimensional offense. From Wattee on, its stat growth will lower to average so don’t be put off if it doesn’t seem to be growing quite as fast as some of your other familiars because in time it will catch up and then some (read more about growth patterns). The two forms available for the second metamorphosis are Acee and Decee.


If raw offenseive power is what you want, Acee has it covered. It boasts a much higher magic attack stat than Decee and learns a plethora of storm elemental tricks while still retaining the ability to learn tricks from certain water gems. While its physical defense is slightly lower than Decee, it makes up for this with a higher overall magic defense and the ability to learn Bracer to shore up physical defenses when needed


While lacking the pure damaging ability of Acee, Decee makes up for it with a handful of helpful supporting abilities. Generator and Light of Life are both effective healing abilities and being able to support your party’s hp without having to switch familiars can make a huge difference in larger fights. Just like Wattee and Acee, it can also learn certain Water elemental tricks from gems in the event you want to add an extra element to its arsenal.

Best Buddies

Sparkee being and Aquatica familiar means it is immediately suited to a pairing with Esther. Depending on your party makeup and which form you choose to metamorphose it into, it may also be worth considering a pairing with Oliver or Marcassin for their larger MP pools and letting Esther handle the bulk of the healing. In a party with a solid tank like a Monolith, being able to use Acee’s Bracer can make your defenses almost impenetrable, or, in the case of Decee, heal faster than the damage can be dished out.

Tips and Tricks

Never underestimate sending Sparkee into melee if you are running low on MP. It uses claws and horns as weapons which are purely offensive weapons with no magic attack boosts. This may mean you will have to look for armor pieces with magic attack boosts, but Sparkee’s physical attacks are far from weak and, when bolstered by the claw and horn weapons, it can put it’s good attack speed to effective use.

So how do you use Sparkee? If you have any tricks, tips or a favorite bonus point spread feel free to let us know and share with your fellow gamers in the comments section below!

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