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Sound Shapes Update Brings Off-Line Play, More Content

by Prima Games Staff

The rhythmic platformer Sound Shapes has been entrancing audiences on both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita for a few months now, with its innovative soundtrack and simple, entertaining gameplay.  And with a new update, there’s no reason for the party to stop now.

A downloadable update is available for the game, one that adds a number of new features to it.  Some are free, including the addition of a new Community Milkcrate, which features six albums containing a total of 35 new songs.  You’ll also be able to take your game off-line for the first time, as you can download user-generated levels and synch them to your system, playing them anywhere you wish.

Finally, if you really want to let your creative side out, you can download the new Car Mini-Album and Creator Pack.  It’ll set you back $1.99, but you’ll get a bunch of new stuff, including two vehicles, new campaign stages and a full sound pack.  Loops and speed boosts join the level design options, and you can get Beat School lessons and Trophies as well.  Not bad for a couple of bucks.

The update should kick in once you start up a new game of Sound Shapes, and you can download the additional DLC through the PlayStation Network.  Rock on!

Sound Shapes is available now for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

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