Those of you who feared that Sony may be running into negative numbers this holiday season with minimal units sold have nothing to worry about, because that's hardly the case.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America has revealed their sales numbers for last week's epic-sized Black Friday sales period, where systems are slashed down in price to get more units out the door.  Over the weekend, 525,000 systems, available mostly through bundles, made their way out the door.

"Black Friday bundle sales increased 15 percent, and total PS3 sales including hardware, software and peripherals, grew 9 percent over the same period last year," stated a Sony rep.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Vita also did pretty good numbers through its bundles, clearing 160,000 units during the same sales period.  Amazon was one of the retailers to sell out of "specially priced inventory" in just under five hours.

Finally, PlayStation Plus has seen growth as well.  "Sales of PlayStation Plus subscriptions on PlayStation Network increased 259 percent compared to last year's Black Friday period," said Sony.  They also stated that "customer satisfaction rates for PS Plus…above 95 percent."

And with more free games coming in December, that's likely to continue.