There's nothing more convenient than a good-working Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system.  It records the shows you want to watch (for the most part) when you're away, so you never miss an episode of The Walking Dead or Honey Boo Boo...if you watch it.

Anyway, Sony has surprised its Japan user base with the release of a new PS Vita app that will enable users to use an external digital recorder, called the "nasne", to record their favorite programs.

How it works, users download a program for the Vita that allows them to interact with the "nasne" technology that goes into DVR recording over there, using a "torne" set-up.  This allows them to wirelessly stream, record and copy programs with ease onto their handheld system, free of charge (save for what they're paying for the DVR service to begin with).

Sony has no plans to release said service in the U.S., probably because the company couldn't reach any sort of agreement with certain cable or satellite providers.