Do you still think there isn't much advantage to being part of the PlayStation Plus program?  If you love killing monsters, this deal just might change your mind.

Sony has announced the latest incentives to come to the Plus program, and they're kicking it off right by offering a free game up front – Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.  Yep, you'll get Capcom's epic horror/survival game for no charge, as well as all of its corresponding DLC.  If you've already finished off Resident Evil 6, this is obviously something you can revert back to.

But that's not all.  This week's update will also provide discounts on many games.  You can snag the downloadable version of Portal 2 for $13.99 if you don't have it already, and the newly released In Motion DLC will be discounted to $6.99, down three bucks.  What's more, two offered downloadable games are cheaper as well, including When Vikings Attack!, coming in for $6.99, and Absolute Supercars, which will sell for $7.99.

These deals will only be offered for a limited time, so we suggest taking advantage.  They'll go live tomorrow with the weekly store update.