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Sony Discontinuing On-Demand Video Services

by Lucas White

The world of on-demand video content consumption has changed rapidly over the years. Both Sony and Microsoft offered their own in-house video services, allowing console-owners to buy and rent movies and TV shows for direct download.

Sony, however, seems to see the writing on the wall here, and has decided to no longer offer its own on-demand video content by the summer later this year.

Sony Discontinuing On Demand Video Services

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sony announced that, based on data the company has analyzed, “using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services on our consoles” has seen “tremendous” growth.

The unspoken subtext, then, must be that those external services are eclipsing the native option by some substantial number. Therefore, Sony has set a sunset date of August 31, 2021 for its on-demand video services.

After that date, you’ll no longer be able to buy media directly via the PlayStation Store, leaving the various apps you can access such as Netflix, Funimation or Crackle to provide some examples.

While PlayStation owners have no doubt engaged with the PlayStation media store, those folks will at least be able to continue accessing their purchased content.

The language in the article is straightforward, noting PS4, PS5 and mobile use will continue operating for playback. There’s no “for now” or “for the time being” in there, but services are always subject to change.

Readers, what do you all think? Have you purchased movies or TV episodes via the PlayStation Store? Are you worried about your purchases disappearing some day, or have you been all-in on streaming apps? Let us know at the Prima Games Twitter and Facebook channels!