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Sony Details Unlucky Survivors in Resident Evil 2 DLC

by Prima Games Staff

If you’ve been mainlining the Resident Evil 2 remake since its late January launch you’ll likely have already found all of Raccoon City’s secrets. However, there are one or two tales left to tell. Well, three in fact, which Sony has detailed in a blog update about the free Ghost Survivors DLC coming this Friday.

Robert Kendo, the infamous gun shop owner from the original game, will star in the short tale No Time To Mourn. Eagle-eyed fans may have already run into Kendo on their playthroughs, but The Ghost Survivors will tell the full tale of Kendo’s attempt to escape Raccoon City via helicopter (we wonder what fate may have befallen that).

Runaway features the mayor’s daughter, Katherine, in a story that takes place long before RE2 even begins. Katherine faces an incredibly strong zombie mutation in her attempts to flee the city with “a certain someone”. Again, if you’ve played the game you might have spotted where that ends up taking her.

Finally a member of the Umbrella Security Services (USS) called Ghost attempts to escape the lab during the Birkin extraction mission that goes oh so terribly wrong (for him at least). Each of the three scenarios will be playable in a special Training difficulty, which provides additional items and slots to make things a little easier to understand the unique mechanics of each scenario. Completing the real deal with certain challenges and trophies will unlock decorative accessories for your characters, such as a tiger mask or a plush cuddly raccoon to perch on your head as Mr X stomps on your face. Lovely.

The Resident Evil 2 DLC The Ghost Survivors is out on February 15 as a free update.

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