Via an introductory report from IGN, a new entry in Sony’s fast and futuristic racing series wipEout has been revealed. It’s a little off the beaten path, though, as it’s a card-based mobile game.

Coming to iOS and Android in 2022, wipEout Rush has a very different gameplay style but aims to capture the series’ other traditions fully.

Sony Brings Another PlayStation IP to Mobile With wipEout Rush

Check out the trailer here, which shows off some of the card-based gameplay, albeit without much explanation of how it works. You can also get a taste of the story’s comic book-like presentation as well as the visual fidelity and music.

IGN’s article notes that wipEour Rush is set to run at 60 frames per second, includes 60 ships from previous games, five environments and 12 championship cup races in the single-player campaign. Alastair Lyndsay, longtime composer at Sony, has produced an original soundtrack for the game.

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