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Sony Appoints Guerrilla Games Exec As New PlayStation Head of Worldwide Studios

by Liana Ruppert

Sony just saw yet another shift in their leadership, this time with a new head of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios. The current head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida is stepping down from his current role to a different position within Sony focusing on games that involves a project that is meant to be “celebrating external developers that are creating new and unexpected experiences.” Taking over Yoshida’s duties is Guerilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst. 

The role shift is effective immediately, as reported by as Hulst takes over the responsibility of overseeing all 14 internal studios. This is the latest Sony restructuring to occur ahead of the anticipated PlayStation 5 launch following the news that WorldWide Studios chairman Shawn Layden also departed earlier this year. 

“Hermen is a European who will be taking one of the major offices at PlayStation,” said PlayStation CEO and president Jim Ryan in an interview with GI. “I think everybody in Europe should be thrilled and happy and proud that that is happening.

“Hermen is one of the most effective and well-respected leaders in the video game industry. He is a passionate advocate for the teams he leads and understands how to empower creative talent to build great experiences. I have no doubt Hermen can lead our teams to deliver compelling and diverse experiences at a steady cadence.”

With Guerilla Games being behind some huge hits for the console, including the Killzone franchise and the widely beloved Horizon Zero Dawn exclusive, it looks like this could mean amazing things for those looking for even more enriching story experiences.

Hulst also added in a statement regarding the shift, “I have worked closely with PlayStation and the entire Worldwide Studios family since 2001, and I have the utmost respect and admiration for the creative talent and ambitious ideas within the network of studios across the US, Europe, and Japan.”

With the new generation just over the horizon, we’re excited to see what both Xbox and Playstation has to bring to the table with so many major changes on both sides

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