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Sonic Robo Blast 2 Mod Makes It Persona 3

by Jesse Vitelli

Sometimes you run across something on the internet that is so bizarre you stop dead in your tracks and have to really contemplate why humans were given this much power.

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Today was one of those days when I learned that a Sonic Robo Blast 2: Persona mod existed. Down below you can take a look at Sonic The hedgehog inside of Persona 3, based off of the DOOM engine. Yes, that sentence is correct. 

You can watch an hour of gameplay from the mod below.

The mod was created by Lat’ and features a ton of content. Battle your way through Tartarus with up to 16 players. Yes, you can have multiple parties of 4 players (if the netcode holds up). 

The mods official description is as follows 

“Experience the flashy aesthetic of the Persona battle system, with a hint of Shin Megami Tensei buff system topping to add some flavour, alongside literally hundreds of available Persona skills and a varied selection of characters!

Find out and exploit your enemies’ weaknesses to knock them down and get additional turns! Manage to knock them all down, and you can unleash the powerful All-Out Attack to deal massive damage and maybe just end the battle in a flash!

If you either finish a battle with an All-Out Attack, or within a single turn, you may even get a chance to get some more mileage out of it!”

Its’ truly bonkers and you just have to see it to believe it. The mod also includes PvP, challenge battles, dungeon crawling, and coop. You can find out more about the mod and its creators here

Is this absurd or a fever dream? Let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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