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New Sonic Mania Plus Infomercial is a Throwback to the ’90s

by Larryn Bell

Just ahead of the launch of Sonic Mania Plus, SEGA has released a retro infomercial that harkens back to an old SEGA ad from the 1990s. Instead of poking fun at Mario, this new infomercial takes a jab at current day first-person shooters. Check out the new Sonic Mania Plus infomercial and all of its nostalgic goodness in the video below.

The Sonic Mania Plus infomercial starts off with an unseen customer entering a game shop to purchase a new game. The customer is given a choice between a generic first-person shooter (hilariously titled “Finger Guns,” according to the box art) or Sonic Mania Plus. Of course, the salesperson tries his best to push the more expensive FPS on the customer, but in the end, the customer realizes that Sonic Mania Plus is the better choice. 

Sonic Mania Plus is the highest rated Sonic game in the last 25 years. Sonic Mania Plus releases on Tuesday, July 17 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $29.99. Those who already own a digital copy of the original Sonic Mania on PC and consoles can upgrade to Sonic Mania Plus by picking up the Encore DLC pack for $4.99 on Steam and through first-party stores on the day of launch.

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