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Sonic the Hedgehog Clone Coming to Atari 2600

by Prima Games Staff

“Spyrbug,” a developer at the Atari Age forums, managed to bring an alternate version of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog to the Atari 2600, under the name Zippy the Porcupine.

The video shows the game in action, and while it’s certainly primitive compared to the forthcoming Sonic: Lost World, it’s fascinating to see.

Although the game is still in the works – more levels and a soundtrack have yet to be added – “Sprybug” is confident he can get the job done. “I know there’s still a few small bugs to resolve, but it’s playable,” said Sprybug over at Atari Age’s forums. “This is Hill Zone 1. Now just 15 more levels to make, the overhead map selection, the boss battles, and a few other things. I hope I have enough ROM space to pull it off.” 

We certainly wish “Sprybug” the best of luck. Meanwhile, for those of you interested in Sonic’s latest adventure, Lost World releases on October 22nd.

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