Racing fans, start your engines.  Because this November, you’ll be changing your form up so fast your head will spin.

Sega of America announced today that it’s finally given a release date for its upcoming race-a-thon Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita.  It’ll be hitting our shores on November 30.  There’s still no official release date for the PC and 3DS versions, but they should run shortly behind, so players can enjoy them in time for the holidays.

As a nice little push for pre-orders, the company has announced a special Bonus Edition of Transformed, which will offer a couple of extras that Sega fans will want to take advantage of.  A special track based on the classic Sega arcade game Outrun will be included in this package, as well as a new playable character, Metal Sonic, and a customized vehicle.  You’ll also gain access to an “Emoticon Sticker Pack” that you can use in the game for your profile.  So if you want to smile, hey, smile!

Look for more coverage in the months ahead as Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed roars towards the holidays.