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Someone Recreated Seinfeld’s Apartment In Doom 2

by Prima Games Staff

Even though Doom 2 is well over 20 years old – and replaced with a more current version that blows the doors off of previous releases – that isn’t stopping some creative modders from putting together new content for it.

A user by the name of Doug Keener has managed to recreate the classic Seinfeld apartment from the 90’s sitcom of the same name, complete with all the characters – Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer – walking around. Yes, if you’re feeling compelled, you can even shoot them and make them say their signature catch phrases. You monster, you.

Keener took approximately 100 hours into putting the apartment together, complete with a recreation of the theme song using the Doom engine. The only catch is that it only works with Doom 2, and not any other clients or GZDoom. So if you have the original game for PC, have a field day.

Check out the trailer below, and don’t mind us eating all these pretzels – they’re making us thirsty.

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