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Soak Up the Sun on Summer Solstice!

by Prima Games Staff

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is literally around on the corner on Saturday, June 21st. Make the most of it by relaxing outdoors and basking in the sunlight into the wee-est hours all year. With so much more daylight, you might want to pop in to see Brewster at The Roost for a darn good cup of coffee to be awake enough to enjoy it all!

Today is definitely your best opportunity all summer to pick up some pigment and develop a nice tan. Of course, if you like your look just the way it is, you’d better break out an umbrella of parasol to block those rays!


For everyone enjoying the brand new experiences in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, be sure to check in with Isabelle at the plaza and chat her up. To protect your eyes from the bright sunlight beaming down on the town, she’ll give you a snazzy pair of Ladder Shades!

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