Snipers Are Back to Being Busted in Warzone and MW3

No explosive ammo needed.

Sniper Rifles MW3 and Warzone
Image via Activision

Sniper Rifles are back to being broken in all the best ways on the Urzikstan map coming to Warzone later this year. During the COD Next 2023 event, streamers were able to play Warzone for the first time in the Modern Warfare 3 era and snipers haven’t looked this good since the days of Verdansk when it all started.

Content creators like ModernWarzone were some of the first to try out the snipers, and based on the footage, they are potentially stronger than ever. In his tweet, he claims that one shot snipers are back, which is partially true. One shot snipers have already been in Warzone for some time with explosive ammo. However, the latest sniper changes go a step further.

In many cases, snipers seem like they can kill fairly easily with a well-placed shot to the chest. Even if they can’t finish the job in those cases, even basic bolt actions appear to one-shot kill players with a headshot, even when the downed player has full plates equipped. Former professional COD player Scump was shown being clearly downed within the blink of an eye by a sniper with full armor at one point during the event.

Because of the aim-down sights speed in Modern Warfare 3, snipers are just as powerful in Multiplayer. Scoping in is incredibly fast and the weapons hit like a truck. With a higher TTK at 150 health, one-shot snipers are even more powerful. So these changes will affect both MW3 and Warzone if they remain the same.

The community will likely be divided on the strength of snipers this year. Compared to the MW2 era of Warzone, these snipers are much faster and hit harder without needed explosive ammo. Unless there are significant changes after the beta, you might want to keep your head on a swivel.

To try some of these changes yourself, make sure you know when the beta start times are for Modern Warfare 3.

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