We’re celebrating the release of our amazing new Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 eGuide with the release of loads of free content!

We’re really pleased to bring a brand new look to this eGuide packed with media and new functionality to make it easy to get to the bits you need. A couple of clicks in the sidebar navigation or a quick search using our improved search bar will get you to the section you need in no time. We now even have our own in-guide favorites system! Why not take a look?

Our official walkthrough details not just every individual shot you’ll need to take and the best way to take it, it also guides to all the Special Shots, Secrets and Expert Mode headshots. Best of all: we’re giving away Mission 1’s walkthrough completely free right here!

Watch our step-by-step guide to all the hardest parts in our exclusive official Mission 1 video created by our in-house expert players. As with all missions, we’ve included the video in the Mission 1 walkthrough and in our dedicated video area.

Among the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 eGuide’s great features are our interactive maps, complete with every secret, ammo pickup and waypoint location. Head on over to the Mission 1 map for a free taster now!

Once you’ve unlocked the full eGuide you’ll find vital guides to the weapons and equipment you’ll need and great bonus content including a developer interview, art and the huge Sniper Tactics Handbook written by a real-life sniper Royce Coleman. We’ve even got the multiplayer covered!

So if you’re new to Prima eGuides or you’ve bought one before, make sure you have a look around as we’ve packed in so much new stuff!