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SNAFU Anime Season 3 Reveal: Cast, Spring Debut, and Finale Teaser

by Ginny Woo

Talk about anime gems that have sprung up and captured our imaginations by surprise! We definitely can’t go past My Teen Romantic Comedy – more commonly known as SNAFU by netizens. This anime adaptation of the light novel has just dropped more information about its upcoming third season which is expected to come out next year, and it looks like familiar faces will be at the helm. This SNAFU anime season 3 reveal came at Oregairu Fes 2019, so check out our rundown of what we’re excited for in Spring 2020.

SNAFU Anime Season 3 Reveal: Cast, Spring Debut, and Finale Teaser

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Crunchyroll, it’s going to have been hard to go past the glowing recommendations of SNAFU from the community. Sentai Filmworks was responsible for us getting this anime in the States and honestly, we thank them every day. 

Why do we love SNAFU so much? Well, let’s just say that for a story about a young person who’s pretty disillusioned about life and convinced that optimism is overrated, it definitely hit close to home at first. Hachiman Hikigaya is super jaded about life, so when he’s forced to pull his socks up and to help other people, it gives him a ton of perspective on life without also hitting viewers over the head with overdone cliches or cringeworthy sentiments about “being good”. When everything kinda seems like it’s going downhill around the world, having something which espouses that people aren’t all that terrible is nice, especially since it doesn’t lecture you about morality. No one in the anime’s perfect, and honestly, that makes its message easier to swallow.

From what was revealed at Oregairu Fes 2019, we now know that Kei Oikawa from Season 2 is going to direct Season 3 of SNAFU, which will be worked on by studio feel. Keiichiro Ochi who worked on the previous season’s script is also going to be reprising a similar role here, along with his character design counterpart, Yuichi Tanaka. Some of these names might be familiar to those who have followed along with anime like A Certain Scientific Railgun. 

Characters that are going to return include, unsurprisingly, the likes of Hachiman Hikigaya (the protagonist), Yukino Yukinoshita, Yui Yuigahama, and Iroha Isshiki. The voice actors from last season will be reprising their roles, and it’s also been teased that Season 3 of the anime is likely to be the final season of the adaptation. While this hasn’t quite been confirmed explicitly yet by studio feel, the trailer that we uploaded above certainly suggests it.

If you’re as excited as we are after the SNAFU anime season 3 reveal, then let us know who your favorite character is by joining the Twitter conversation at @PrimaGames. More interested in sports anime? We’ve also been checking out Stars Align, so read more on that here