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SMITE x Stranger Things Collab Announced

by Morgan Shaver

During the Summer Game Fest, a collaboration between the free-to-play MOBA game SMITE and Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things was formally announced. Through this collab, SMITE players will be able to grab skins for in-game Gods, with the skins resembling characters from Stranger Things. For example, you’ll be able to get a Demogorgon skin for Bakasura!

SMITE x Stranger Things Collab Announced 

In a collab few could have seen coming, SMITE is introducing several Stranger Things skins into the game. Once acquired, these skins can be worn by the game’s playable Gods, like the aforementioned Demogorgon skin for Bakasura. 

In total, there will be the Demogorgon skin for Bakasura, a Mind Flayer skin for Sylvanus, two Eleven skins for Scylla (Eleven, Starcourt Eleven), and two Hopper skins for Apollo (Hopper, Hopper P.I.).

As for how to get these skins, the Stranger Things cosmetics will be part of an upcoming Battle Pass launch for SMITE on July 13. 

Other things to look forward to with this Battle Pass include the Upside Down Arena map. As odd as it is to hear that Stranger Things skins are coming to SMITE, this collab isn’t the first that SMITE has done.

In fact, not all that long ago, SMITE announced a collab with Monstercat featuring skins inspired by artists including Slushii, Noisestorm, Sullivan King, and Koven. Again, the Monstercat skins were part of SMITE’s Battle Pass.

If you have previous experience with SMITE’s Battle Pass, you should have an idea as to what to expect from the Stranger Things collab when it comes to unlocking and obtaining skins like the Demogorgon skin for Bakasura. 

All in all, SMITE players seem excited about the Stranger Things collab, as are we. Of the skins, we’re big fans of the Hopper skins since you’re basically playing a regular guy in an arena full of powerful Gods, and the Demogorgon skin for Bakasura of course.

We can’t stop talking about it because it’s awesome and we want it. Anyway… what do you think of the Stranger Things collab with SMITE? Are you planning to play and obtain the skins through SMITE’s Battle Pass?

Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check out the full announcement trailer for the SMITE x Stranger Things collaboration below! 

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