Sleeping Dogs is getting the supernatural treatment with its first story-based expansion pack this month.

The extra campaign content was announced at the New York Comic Con, is titled Nightmare in North Point and drops October 30th. Pricing is yet to be announced.

The expansion’s content will have you playing as Wei Shen while he fights classical Chinese vampires and undead gangsters.

Shen’s main antagonist is a gang member previously tortured and killed by the Triad. The as-yet-unnamed bad guy is rather annoyed with the gang, so it’s up to Shen to take on the army of undead Triads he’s brought back from the grave. Handily, Shen will be able to use a lightning fist ability gained from a previous mission to deal with the hordes of attacking undead.

The vampires you’ll encounter are styled as classical Chinese folklore creatures, Shen will be using a Peach Wood sword to dispose of these guys.