‘Let sleeping dogs lie’ is a proverb not taken literally by publishers Square Enix, they have woken Sleeping Dogs with a batch of DLC patches due to be released in October.

The patches will be released at various times throughout the month and will be the first offering of additional story for the game. The free extras will range from new missions to brand spanking new vehicles and races. On top of these freebies, Square Enix highlights the plethora of player-boosting packs, extra costumes and additional in-game money already available within the game.

The first instalment will be a Street Racer Pack, which brings with it a new car, boat racing and a Sting superbike with helmet and jacket in tow. Following patches will include Swat Pack, Tactical Soldier Pack, Community Gift Pack, which will contain a few surprises, and the first story-driven game extension, which will be unveiled on October 14 at the New York Comic Con.

Check out the October DLC trailer for the game below.