The story behind Sleeping Dogs is an interesting one.  This action/driving game originally got its start as a True Crime title, but has since shifted into an original third-person action/adventure that’s standing out as a gem in Square Enix’s game line-up.  And now it’s coming our way with an official release date.

Square announced today that the game will hit stores on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 14, just in time to wrap up the summer.  It’ll feature a number of great gameplay segments as you guide an undercover cop into a battle with the mob, where he hopes to tear it apart from the inside out.

In addition, Square has announced pre-order details through retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon and Gamestop.  They are as follows…

Best Buy: ‘Georges St. Pierre (GSP)’ Pack:

- GSP’s signature “flying punch”

- Exclusive GSP outfit including T-shirts, headband and shorts

- GSP’s outfit unlocks the “flying punch” and increases grappling and throwing damage

GameStop: ‘Police Protection’ Pack:

- Exclusive “High Speed” Mission

- Exclusive HK Police SWAT Outfit

- Exclusive assault rifle

- Exclusive SWAT Police Vehicle

Amazon: ‘Martial Arts’ Pack:

- Shaolin Showdown Mission

- Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased striking damage)

- Bonus Triad XP points

- Wing Chun decoration for safehouse (with temporary combat buff)