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Sledgehammer’s Next Call of Duty is Reportedly WWII: Vanguard

by Lucas White

It’s time for the annual Call of Duty leak, a time-honered tradition in the world of online videogames fandom. This rumor has been floating around all over the place today, but a recent verification of sorts from Eurogamer makes it pretty solid.

Sledgehammer’s Next Call of Duty is Reportedly WWII: Vanguard

Following up its last outing, it appears like Sledgehammer is headed back to World War II with a new subtitle: Vanguard. Like the rest of the series, the next Call of Duty is set to arrive in late 2021.

Earlier this morning, a report/leak was going around suggesting the same title (WWII: Vanguard), but a curious premise. The rumor asserted that this game would be set in an alternate history, set in the 1950s during a WWII that hasn’t ended yet.

That sounds like it’d be more in place in a Wolfenstein (arguably that’s literally Wolfenstein), but Eurogamer has contradicted this part.

According to Eurogamer’s report, the Vanguard subtitle is currently planned for the final release (earlier reports suggested it’s a placeholder) and that Sledgehammer isn’t deviating from the “traditional WWII” setting. The one detail Eurogamer’s report is uncertain on, is what jumping back to this time period will do to Warzone, if anything.

Call of Duty: WWII was a 2017 return to form for Call of Duty, if its reception was any indication. So it makes sense that Sledgehammer, much like Infinity Ward heading back to the Modern Warfare label, is going to stay in its comfort zone.

You have Treyarch also sticking with Black Ops, although as a brand that’s a lot more setting-agnostic. But let’s not get too heavy into speculation today.

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What do you think about this news? Do you believe Eurogamer’s report, or are you going to wait and see for more official details later in the year? Let us know at Prima Games’ Twitter and Facebook feeds.


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