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Sky Fleet is Having an Open Beta Test in March

by Morgan Shaver

Sky Fleet is a gorgeous indie game that lets you fly blimps and team up with other players to gather resources, build a city in the clouds, and defend it from attacking drones.

At its core, the game blends base building, tower defense, and shooter genres together to create a unique, compelling action experience.

And if you want to get a better feel for the game and how it’s played, Sky Fleet will have an open beta test available starting on March 19 that we recommend checking out!  

Sky Fleet is Having an Open Beta Test in March

Gamers interested in Sky Fleet should mark March 19 on their calendars as this is when the game’s first open beta test is scheduled to take place. The open beta will run from March 19 until March 21 according to the game’s Steam page

“Want to try Sky Fleet? March 19 – 21 will be a beta test open to everyone. Sign up by clicking the request access button above. We’ll be testing the servers, finding bugs and collecting feedback. Find out more on Discord.” 

In a post from the developer, additional information about the open beta for Sky Fleet notes:

“Quite a few people have already signed up. Starting March 19th at 10 a.m. (PST) I’ll be slowly letting people in until the servers are full. Hopefully that will include everyone who signed up. If you don’t get in this first playtest there should be a few more before the game is released.”

As for when Sky Fleet will be released, the Steam page has an estimated release date of Q3 2021. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Sky Fleet, the Steam page offers a helpful description that goes over what you can expect from the game.

“Welcome to the Sky Fleet. In this action game, you and your fleet of blimps try to defend your homeland against invading drones.

Team up with other players to gather resources and build a city in the clouds. Sky Fleet’s gameplay combines top down shooter, base building, tower defense and .io games.” 

The description continues by expanding upon what players can expect once the game begins.

“When the game begins work together to build a city. You will need an ammo factory to keep everyone’s ammo supply full. Farms are a great way to gather resources faster. Shield generators protect your buildings.

Power generators keep everything running. Soon after the game starts enemy drones will begin attacking in waves. In the early game, your ship is not strong enough to fend them off. Build turrets to protect your city.” 

As a whole, Sky Fleet looks like an absolute blast and we’re really looking forward to the start of the open beta on March 19. If you’re interested in participating you can request access to the open beta over on the game’s Steam page.

To keep track of Sky Fleet and things like future open beta tests and release date information, be sure to add the game to your Steam wishlist


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