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Skullgirls Fight Their Way To Mobile

by Prima Games Staff

For the past few years, a vast community has built up for the wild fighting game Skullgirls, and for good reason – it’s a lot of fun. Now, it’s ready to reach out to a new audience.

The team at Lab Zero have announced that Skullgirls will be making its way to iOS and Android devices this fall, but not in the way some fighting fans expect. Instead, it’ll focus on the first season of content, like a prequel of sorts, but will feature plenty of characters, special moves, RPG elements and a “Fight Assist feature that lets players take on a more turn-based, tactical role in combat.”

The game is being developed by Hidden Variable Studios and will release later this year. However, fans will soon be able to sign up for a closed beta for Skullgirls, if they want to get their hands on it early.

Check out the trailer below, and prepare to fight!


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