After spending years at the top of the genre, Activision was definitely in a rush to exit the music game business, especially following a lawsuit from No Doubt over their usage of members in Band Hero (which has since been settled).  And we've learned today that the previously revealed Guitar Hero 7 wasn't the only casualty upon its hasty departure.

Siliconera has leaked some concept art on another project that was in the works at the company, Sing Hero.  As you might guess, the game focused primarily on singing along to favorite hits, rather than banging away at a plastic instrument.  Your score would've been measured depending on how many fans you garnered at the end of your performance – kind of like American Idol, but without the drama.

Pi Studios was hired to develop the game, but upon the cancellation of Guitar Hero 7 and Activision's decision to depart the genre, it got canned.

You can see more art for the game at this link, and dream what it would've been like to croon like Rick Astley.  Or hey, you can just go pick up Rock Band 3 for that.