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The Sims Celebrate 20th Anniversary With A Hot Tub, New Merch, and More

by Liana Ruppert

Why not get your ooboo vroose baa DOOO on with a sweet hot tub to celebrate The Sims turning 20! From a usable hot tub to some sweet merch, EA is celebrating 20 wonderful years of Sims-goodness. 

“Twenty years ago, we never could have imagined that The Sims would be where it is today,” says EA about their hit simulator game and how the players have impacted its growth. “But you made it happen. We’re still here—and thriving—because of you, the community. Your passion for this game drives us to keep creating every day, just as it has for the last two decades. We’re grateful for everything you do, from helping us create a new Stuff Pack to repping your love for The Sims with merch.”

The merch in question can be found here with a limited-edition birthday collection hosted by Threadless. The team added, “Think about that: for twenty years, Simmers like you have been designing the perfect home, creating unique Sims, and playing with life. Every day, we’re surprised and delighted by the things you share, from your beautiful builds to gladiatorial contests that test what your Sims can (or cannot) survive. Your creativity inspires us and humbles us, and celebrating the birthday of The Sims is really celebrating all of you.” 

So how are they planning on celebrating the big 2-0? With a hot tub, of course! A new update is going live today for The Sims 4 that brings a special in-game item for all to enjoy. Use the hot tub to get your woo-hoo on or just have some self-care relaxation time – whatever you use it for is completely up to you. 

Players can utilize the hot tub by finding it in their Build catalog under Outdoor Activities. Hit the bubbles and let your hair down for some fake-warmth and make-believe goodness. 

EA continued on their outpouring of love by saying: “From the beginning, The Sims has been about playing with life, creating and designing a world in which anything can happen. Even back then, The Sims put a lot of emphasis on inclusion and the freedom to play as you like with the capability to romance any Sim, pick any career path, or spend all of your time in Build/Buy mode. It’s changed a lot in the past twenty years, though, as our understanding of those ideas has evolved. More than just reflecting life as it is, The Sims opens up new possibilities and does away with limits. It gives you a space to push boundaries, explore new ideas, and challenge the status quo. There is no wrong way to play The Sims!” 

On the Sims social channels too they will be celebrating with fan creations, community favorite moments, and the #PlayWithLifeChallenge Twitter adventure that is meant to bring everyone closer together. 

And don’t forget! PlayStation Plus members can play Sims 4 FOR FREE this month! Happy birthday, Sims! 

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