Let's all just take a moment to admit that we all spend way too much time in the character creation menu of The Sims and The Sims 4 is no different. It's OK to be honest, just let it out. That being said, this beloved feature for the simulation game is about to get a bit more spot on with the inclusion of personality quizzes as a means to create the ideal toon. 

The latest creation feature news comes via a recent livestream with some of the devs on how to make one's Sim scarily like them - personality first. The questions are pretty much what you'd expect from a personality quiz, though overall they're pretty silly and easy-going. Basically the quiz will ask players how they would react in various situations that the Sims themselves go through and then will formulate a character based upon those given answers. 

Cool ... and a little bit scary for those that suddenly find themselves with a homicidal Sim. We're not here to judge, only to run.

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The video above shows off some of the questions and how they impact the character's personality, not unlike when one watcher said a big NOPE to bugs, which then lead them to have a Squeamish trait. Super accurate, super awesome. 

Don't worry though, this only creates the personality, you can still make your Sim look however you want. Super realistic to you, or totally out of this world, the sky is the limit when it comes to your in-game tune.