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The Sims 3 Goes Supernatural This September

by Prima Games Staff

The Sims 3 has seen a fair amount of expansions, but this one’s bound to get a little bit spooky.  (Yes, even without Katy Perry.)

Electronic Arts has announced that it will be releasing a Supernatural Expansion Pack for the artificial life-founded game.  In it, you’ll be able to create werewolf, fairy, vampire and witch characters to spook the neighborhood with, and you’ll also be able to take part in several chilling situations, including a zombie attack and the ability to pull out your best Harry Potter when it comes to brewing magic elixirs.  You’ll also be able to visit the town of Moonlight Falls, seeing what rises out of the ground there.

And if you pre-order the expansion, you’ll also get access to the Plants vs. Zombies content pack.  While it doesn’t include sunflowers, it does give you the option to fend off zombies with a Pea Shooter, and dress up in zombie-colored attire of different kinds.  Because everyone loves a disco zombie, right?

Look for The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack this September for PC and Mac.


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